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Vision Statement

"Our vision is for every student, regardless of background or circumstance, to achieve the grades and develop the qualities which will open the door to the future of their choice"

  • Our vision is realised through our school development plan here (PDF)

It is important that departments and staff at Cheadle Hulme High School fulfill the school vision and the development plan through their work. Progress towards the targets within the development plan are monitored through the quality assurance and appraisal process.

  • Accountability, Appraisal and Quality Assurance document here (PDF).

The Role of the Governing Body

The governing body is responsible for the conduct of its school, and must promote high standards of educational achievement at the school. It is the school’s accountable body.

Further information regarding governance of the school and how to get in touch with the school governors is available by contacting the school via this link.