Careers Guidance

Click here for a guide for parents and carers about Careers Education Information and Guidance at CHHS.

Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) is seen as essential to every students’ curriculum. All students have an entitlement to an appropriate programme of provision. To ensure that we are offering our students the best possible CEIAG we have, since late 2013, engaged with the Inspiring IAG Award and were awarded Stage 2 in 2016 (Matrix Approved).
At the core of our offer is the opportunity for all students to have a 1-1 careers interview with a Level 6 qualified and completely independent Careers Advisor. This usually happens during Key Stage 4 within our dedicated careers office. However, due to our thorough monitoring process and strong pastoral system we identify students in need of earlier intervention and act accordingly.
All students complete our Dream Believe Achieve programme that includes many curriculum aspects of the ACEG Framework. This framework provides guidance for schools on appropriate aims and outcomes to ensure that students are prepared for the world of further education and work. The Dream Believe Achieve programme is complemented by aspects of the Beliefs and Values scheme and numerous ‘off time table’ enrichment days.
Throughout the school we have resources signposted to students. These include:

  • Dedicated Apprenticeship information notice board.
  • CEIAG dedicated Moodle section of our VLE.
  • Dedicated information station for Year 11 post-16 options.
  • Dedicated information station within our Student Centre.
  • Sixth Form post-18 specialist information station within their study area.

Throughout each academic year we run a number of events and information events that serve to enhance our offer. The Post-16 Event (Futures Evening) takes place annually in September. Parents/carers and students in Year 11 are invited to attend this informative evening when post-16 colleges and work-based training providers are in attendance. In February parents are invited to an information evening about Key Stage 4 options. There is an independent careers adviser also present at this event.
There are a number of other aspects to our offer such as:

  • Engagement with the Manchester ‘New Economy’ scheme.
  • Visiting speakers from Manchester University Schools of Law and Medicine.
  • Visiting speakers from Lancaster University.
  • Visits to and speakers from the Stockport Apprenticeship Shop.
  • STEM careers event with over 20 visitors from local employers.
  • Assemblies and drop in sessions from local providers such as Stockport College and Cheadle and Marple college. 
  • Engagement with the Manchester University Gateways and MAP schemes. 
  • In 2015 we will hosted our first ‘Women in Business’ careers event.

Finally, throughout the year our departments host various ‘work related’ events and allow students the chance to explore their subjects in the wider context of the world of work.

Our Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) policy is available on our policies page here.

The dedicated Assistant Headteacher for our CEIAG provision is Mr John Peet.

Students can get more detailed information from our dedicated Moodle page. However, below are offered a number of useful starting points to help: 

  • The government offers a national website for careers guidance at:

  • The icould website provides ample information on different careers and a portal for students to record their thoughts:

  • Careers box also provides excellent insights:

  • Any student interested in an Apprenticeship must engage with the National Apprenticeship Service:

  • National Careers Service information document:


Students are ably supported to develop their ideas for their futures beyond their time in school. Course and careers guidance are both strong and regular individual discussions are held to ensure that students have clarity and high levels of information in order to determine what it is they need to do and what they are capable of doing.

Ofsted December 2014