We operate a two week, 50 lesson, timetable cycle. All lessons are 1 hour duration.

Year 7 Upon entry into Year 7, students are placed into one of 10 Tutor Groups. These are divided into 2 bands and ability sets for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) are organised within these bands. Sets are based on attainment and are informed by National Curriculum tests and our own internal assessments. These arrangements may change as each student progresses through the Key Stage.

Humanities subjects, Art, Music, Drama are taught in mixed ability form tutor groups whilst PE, Computing and Design Technology are taught in smaller mixed ability groups. English, Maths and Science are taught in ability sets or mixed groups depending on the needs of the particular year group.

Year 8 We have a similar arrangement to Year 7. English and MFL are taught in ability sets. Maths will organise learning according to the specific needs of the year group.

Year 9 In Year 9, arrangements are very similar to Year 8 with sets in Maths, English, Science and MFL. Art, Computing, Performing Arts, PE, History, Geography, Design Technology and Beliefs and Values are taught in mixed ability groups.

For additional information on the content which is covered during years 7, 8 and 9 please use the following link: The KS3 Curriculum at Cheadle Hulme High School (PDF)

All subjects follow the relevent national curriculum programme of study. For more information please follow this link: 

For details of the levels used in each subject area, please use the following links:

The curriculum structure for each year group in Key Stage 3 is as follows:



Cheadle Hulme High School provides an excellent and rounded education for all of its students, regardless of their individual backgrounds, preparing them well for their future careers…. The curriculum during the school day and opportunities offered outside of school hours are wide, varied and support the breadth of learning for students well.

Ofsted December 2014